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Lichen Man - 10 in. Tall<br><br><br>
Lichen Man - 10 in. Tall

Welcome to Carole! I make sculpture and vessels from materials I forage in the forests and woodlands near my home. I collect fallen tree bark, lichen, mushrooms, twigs, vine, berries and seedpods. The vessels, which incorporate these raw materials, preceeded and inspired the totems that evoked for me the spirit of the forest. The tree trunk like totems are made from pvc pipe that is encased in bark and elaborated with manifestations of the woods: fungi, lichen, moss and seed pods. As a group they conjure up the magic, mystery and dense beauty of woodlands, including its natural cycles of growth, death and regeneration.
The small figurative sculptures are my most recent work.  They are inspired by the suggestive character of the foraged organic matter. The line, shape, texture and color of these idiosyncratic forms are exciting for me and arouse a desire to "play" with them. They contain the compelling complexity and diversity of our rich botanical world. The quirky and fantastical creatures I have made reflect my delight with nature's bounty which offers me an almost infinite variety of opulent elements with which to work. The small size of the sculptures is determined by the scale of the raw materials. The measurements do not include the pedestals. All of my work is finished with a wood hardener and sealer.

I am located near historic Hudson in upstate NY, 2 hours from Manhattan. Please feel free to contact me for pricing or other information.