Carole Clark, profile, painting, collage, exhibited, galleries
Hape<br>25 in. tall<br><br>

The sculpture, totems, and vessels  represent a new direction for me. My previous work was in the more familiar mediums of painting and collage and has been exhibited in galleries and acquired by numerous private and public collections, including Chase Manhattan Bank, Sony Corporation, International Paper, and Philip Morris. 
The new work evolved from my experiences searching for edible mushrooms in the woodlands and grasslands near my home. Walking in the woods, focused on nature's extraordinary diversity, and enjoying the pleasure of the hunt, I discovered a great diversity of natural materials so beautiful in their form, color, line, and texture that I could not resist bringing them back to my studio. There I carefully prepared and dried all the materials to make them maximally durable. 

Though the medium is new for me, the process, in terms of sourcing materials, is similar to that of collage. Instead of choosing from papers or canvas I had previously painted or otherwise manipulated, I now choose from an inspiring variety of exquisite natural elements.